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Posted by on January 16th, 2021

Thanks guys! I’ve always wanted a Kentia but they are hard to come by so I was so excited to have a large one delivered to my door. Kentia Palm looks beautiful in my home, it surpassed my expectations when I unboxed it. My plant continues to shrivel up and die. http://www.thegardenhelper.com/parlorpalm.jpg, http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y95/rsemper/palm1.jpg, http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y95/rsemper/palm2.jpg, http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y95/rsemper/palm_prune1.jpg, http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y95/rsemper/palm_prune2.jpg. Learn more about how to keep your beautiful indoor Nancy S. The people at Plantz were great- I picked up the plant myself- it was well wrapped for the short journey and came through perfectly. Gorgeous!!! If this plant is added to your favorite room, you will not be disappointed. So sweat…just prune off the leaf as close to the stem as possible. Sue is the best at everything!! (verified owner) – March 4, 2019, Garrick Gaffney Truly gorgeous plants. (verified owner) – May 2, 2019. Bring a calm, relaxing tropical feel to any corner of your bedroom, dining and living area using this kentia artificial palm tree. My plant continues to get brown. Well packaged, currently eyeing my next purchase. Perfect for that screened in porch, living room, office, tiki bar or anywhere else you need some “sun and fun”. With an included decorative planter, this 5 ft. artificial kentia palm tree has all the elements to be a perfect stand-alone piece in your entry or enclosed porch. more info. She went above and beyond in helping me find the perfect size palm for my space, as well as making sure it would thrive in my home. I wish I could fill my home with these beauties! From basic office supplies, such as printer paper and labels, to office equipment, like file cabinets and stylish office furniture, Office Depot and OfficeMax have the office products you need to get the job done.Maintain a well-stocked office breakroom.Save on printer ink and toner to keep your office efficient and productive. They were the feature of palm courts at hotels like The Ritz Hotel in London and the Plaza Hotel in New York. Sue. (store manager) – January 4, 2021, Thanks for sweet comments! It’s doing great in the shaded area outside. (verified owner) – December 14, 2018. As well as being air-purifying, resilient and elegant, they are safe to have around pets. I also appreciated the follow up call to make sure everything as ok and to see if I had any questions. Double stalked and standing just at 5.5 ft. tall, this tropical tree features 29 faux leaves for maintenance and mess-free care. And the team at Plantz gave great instruction and support to ensure that the plant makes a good transition and long life. The plant main stalks were bent to one side so the plant does not stand up straight. Sue Waltzer (verified owner) – December 1, 2020, Sue, the palm is magnificent! Little wired about yellow leaf tips but it arrived undamaged and is a beautiful size. Their help gave me so much confidence to make the purchase and I couldn’t be happier that I chose Plantz – will definitely work with them again! I can’t wait to get some more of their amazing plants. When I bought the plant, it was thick, lush, and green, now I'm afraid that my plant is too far gone to be saved. Sue was very helpful when I informed her about it and provided a partial refund. (Calls answered by reception and require a call-back), © 2020 PLANTZ | Any Plant, Any Place, Any Time, Website Designed and Developed by Power On Marketing. It’s got a nice upright nature, but can spread its fronds over time. Sue from the Plantz team is AMAZING. Beautiful Plant. Robert W. Even then, I would fertilize sparingly, at half-strength or weaker. The adjustment process has been seamless thanks to Sue and all of her detailed instructions. (verified owner) – April 24, 2018. (store manager) – May 6, 2020, Hi Kyle, Remember, these palms were propagated in Hawaii, so the soil media is crushed lava rock. I cleaned off the fronds. Even more beautiful than anticipated. The service with Sue will meet and exceed any customer expectations – so responsive, helpful and accommodating. Great health but disappointed. (verified owner) – July 29, 2019. Sue Waltzer Sue was fantastic and she made sure that the Thanksgiving holiday did not cause the plant to sit in a Fed Ex warehouse over the freezing cold weekend. Greetings from Baltimore, MD. I noticed the little webs between the fronds. (verified owner) – November 23, 2020. I'm glad that the palm looks better now. (verified owner) – May 29, 2019. (verified owner) – February 19, 2019. Can my plant bounce back from this? (store manager) – June 10, 2020. One thing that I would like to add, is to hold off on the fertilizer until the palm recovers and starts showing new growth. Enjoy! (verified owner) – April 29, 2020. I will always be a loyal customer to plantz. Gardening on the Web since 1997. They certainly are beautiful right now! I was very nervous about purchasing such a large & expensive plant online, but at the same time, I felt at ease with Sue’s support and help, knowing that she would continue to be there for me even after the purchase, which you don’t get with most nurseries. (store manager) – August 21, 2020, HA! (verified owner) – June 10, 2020. What a beautiful plant! Elegant and stately, the Howea forsteriana is one of the first plants cultured for use inside buildings (think hotel lobbies in classic Bogart films), and it stands the test of time. Thanks! (verified owner) – August 21, 2018. Yours is the easy kind that stays healthy forever no matter what you do to it. I was nervous to buy a plant on-line but this far acceded my expectations. The palm we ordered is gorgeous. They care about their plants! I have seen new liitle fronds develop near the soil to the bottom of the tree, but nothing on top. Sep 17, 2014 - Explore Evergreen Direct's board "Artificial Palm Trees", followed by 437 people on Pinterest. impressive, Anonymous I work with a fantastic team and we are all so glad you’re loving your plant! Had really hoped the palm would be closer to 6’. See our watering guide for more information. just be sure than the drain whole of the pot the palm is in does not actually touch the water. (verified owner) – June 12, 2019, friendly knowledgeable staff, plants are well packed to eliminate damage and include a water tray. I’m so glad that you’re happy with them! See more ideas about Palm trees, Palm, Artificial. (verified owner) – December 3, 2018, John Richardson Arrived a little smaller than I expected! (store manager) – November 3, 2020, Thanks for letting us know. It all arrived in perfect condition-Thanks, James, Sue Waltzer So happy that you like it! After 6 months, it can be fed quarterly with a complete fertilizer formulated for interior plants. Sue, Natalia N. (store manager) – August 17, 2020, We’re glad to hear that you’re happy with it. Thanks – Sue, Karen Davis Amazing plant, delivered in excellent condition! (verified owner) – February 18, 2019. Kentia Artificial Palm Tree in Country White Planter Brighten up the tightest spaces in your home Brighten up the tightest spaces in your home or office with this artificial tree boasting several tiers of kentia palm greenery, handsomely designed throughout with naturally occurring details in bright vivid hues. Vickerman 605509-8' Potted Kentia Palm 216 Leaves (TB190580) Palm Home Office Tree. With several trunks standing almost impossibly straight giving way to cascading leaves, it projects an image of dignified beauty, while also radiating that warm, tropical feel. I work with a great team who carefully pack the plants for the trip to make sure they arrive in good condition. Thanks! Not only did the plant arrive large, lush, and gorgeous, but it was clearly healthy, as it came with two new fronds opening up. Kentia palms have the typical large palm-shaped leaves. That’s it. I highly recommend PLANTZ to anyone looking for a quality healthy plant you can be sure you’ll be happy with! I plan on moving it to a spot with lower light, and Sue helped set me up on a schedule where I can transition it slowly in order to minimize leaf loss. (verified owner) – April 3, 2019. The Kentia is beautiful and came just as described! Sue Waltzer Thanks – Sue, Marcel Rif (verified owner) – August 19, 2020. It looks amazing:)), Sue Waltzer The plant arrived in excellent shape, and the customer service was outstanding. Sue sent across super helpful plant-care instructions and it’s thriving! Anonymous (verified owner) – June 12, 2019. The fronds are beautiful, with a silvery underside. (verified owner) – May 15, 2020. (store manager) – June 1, 2020, We have an amazing team packing these plants to make sure they arrive safely! Beyond the quality of the plant, which is top notch, I also have to sing praises of the Plantz team who were as kind and helpful as anyone could be. Looks great near the big bright window in our living room – will definitely be ordering more from Plantz. I only water when the soil is dry....about every two weeks. (verified owner) – October 11, 2018, Anonymous take a tray that is about 1-2" deep, and about 2" larger around than your plant's pot. Unfortunately, misting daily does not increase air moisture for more than about 20 minutes out of the day. I am in desperate need of advice. Description. The palms are larger earlier in the season and start to get shorter as we head into the cooler months as the growing slows down. I am still a little surprised how well it was packaged and how healthy the plant was (and, knock-on-wood, remains. Kentia Artificial Palm Tree in Planter $333.00 Sale $232.99 Sue, Richard Welcome to The Garden Helper! Waiting for my 12” planter to come in but I put her in the 10” planter that I had for now so the sub irrigation tray did not fit but I blocked the drainage hole and put just enough water in there to reach almost up to the plastic planter holes. ($38.14 - $999.99) Find great deals on the latest styles of Kentia palm. (verified owner) – October 15, 2020. (verified owner) – July 10, 2019. I will create one. Lady Palm. Hopefully this will correct itself over time. Oops, I hit reply too soon. Create a tropical oasis that lasts year-round with this UV resistant Robellini Palm tree. Sue Waltzer Give as a call and we might be able to find exactly what you're looking for! Sue Waltzer Sue has gone above and beyond for an outstanding customer service experience. What is a Kentia Palm? Mary KELLER Lowe’s is the only store that I know of that sells sun grown Kentia palms in their outdoor nurseries here in Northern CA. The Seifrizii adds a peaceful, tropical feeling to any environment. Pair pool-side with lounge furniture, or indoors with colorful textiles. Sue, Carroll G. $225.99 $ 225. The leaves tips were turning yellowish-brown, then the fronds would dry up. (verified owner) – May 6, 2019. Sue was so helpful and answered all of my questions. I bought one in Dallas many years ago for twice this amount. The movers did not move plants when I moved to the East coast. FREE Shipping. (store manager) – May 21, 2020, Thanks for letting us know! It will definitely need to acclimate to the indoors once winter arrives. It gets easier after it acclimates, I promise! Sue, Anonymous Their instructions were detailed and easy to follow, and their follow up after receiving the plant was phenomenal. (verified owner) – December 1, 2020. ), that we would be shipping it safely, that I knew what to do to get started and to care for it ongoing, and ofc that it would be safe for my kitties! I got some growing lamps and I keep them on constantly. Four healthy palms that look full together but was surprisingly short. (store manager) – June 19, 2020, Thanks for letting us know. Its lush green leaves fan out gracefully, giving it a lifelike appearance. This one is even nicer! My palm arrived healthy and has continued to do well in it’s new home in my living room! Thanks – Sue, David G. The palm is full and healthy – looks great in our house. Sue from customer service was literally amazing. We’re here to help if you need us going forward! Palm trees come in many varieties and this Kentia Palm Tree is amongst the most interesting. I placed it in an wide open area by a north facing window (window gets indirect morning light and afternoon light). Around here, HD indoor palms are from either Plant Depot or Jas Winds. Sue Waltzer I hope it will do well once I bring it indoors for winter—I’ve had a difficult time keeping plants alive in my house over the winter Thanks! Sue Waltzer Helping gardeners grow their dreams since 1997.No-dash-here, you've found The Real Garden Helper! (store manager) – August 10, 2020, Thanks so much for the great review. (verified owner) – May 9, 2019, Anonymous High quality plant. It was a great experience! (verified owner) – September 28, 2018, Sue is the best ever!! You can return or exchange any gift on your 4 out of 5 stars for the product Nearly Natural Kentia Palm 7-Foot Silk Tree with 13 Fronds 3 Reviews Price: $159.99Availability: In stock7' Kentia Silk Palm Tree - Silks Are Foreverwww.silksareforever.com Kentia Palm TreesLifelike 7' kentia silk palm tree. I am so happy with this purchase and would highly recommend ordering from Plantz! Very healthy beautiful plant. If you need any help of have questions, please let us know! We’re here to help if you have any questions going forward! Overall great experience! 5 ft. H x 9 in. Lush and beautiful color. 200 matches. I couldn’t have chosen a better plant source than Plantz.com. Nearly Natural. plants happy and healthy. Thanks for letting us know. (verified owner) – August 21, 2018. Let us know if you need some help with a future purchase! The staff at Plantz has been thoughtful throughout the process and very responsive to my questions. It arrived in perfect condition. LINKSHARE. you can make a humidifying tray very easily. Nearly Natural 5296 Kentia Palm Silk Tree, 5-Feet, Green,9" x 9" x 62.5" 4.0 out of 5 stars 16. There is some size variation, but the main difference is Florida-grown palms are in “traditional” soil while Hawaiian palms are grown in lava-rock based soil. We order this as a housewarming gift, and worked closely with Plantz to make sure that it arrived timely. (store manager) – May 27, 2020, Thanks for your order and for letting us know! (verified owner) – October 29, 2019, Beautifully package for shipping! Well packaged and beautiful. (verified owner) – August 30, 2018. (verified owner) – March 11, 2019, Brian M. Shop our beautiful selection of indoor plants >. Thanks – Sue. Good service and plants but terrible website and online ordering. The packaging was excellent, keeping all of the leaves intact. Kelly Hanson Sue. If you have questions going forward, please let us know! It has a long history as a parlor palm and Queen Victoria added them to all of her homes. (store manager) – December 8, 2020, Victoria B. I first read all the content on the website and watched the videos and knew without a doubt these were the people to buy from. While this palm has strong tolerance for lower light levels, much better than most palms, it will thrive in moderate and high light. I have nothing but positive things to say and I will gift a plant from plantz as well. The biggest bug problem for this palm is scale. A Kentia would be about 4 times that. Sue Waltzer Compare prices & save money on Flowers & Plants. Came packaged perfectly & she is so so beautiful. Happy to help you find a new variety when you’re ready! I will definitely purchase from you again :)), Linda Conley Cindy R. (verified owner) – June 6, 2018, My plant is beautiful and I love the watering system! 200 matches. on sale for $284.99 original price $476.00 $ 284.99 $476.00. She has been very patient answering all my questions even taking photos of the plant I would receive to make sure it would be a perfect fit in our home. Arrived well packaged, full, and healthy! It really brightens up my bedroom! The kentia palm is usually sold with two to five palms planted together, appearing to have multiple stems topped with graceful, arching foliage. Good luck! Have no fear, she is there to make sure all of your questions are answered super quickly so your new plant can hit the ground running. Sami Khader Great customer service. Erin Palmer If you want to make a tropical statement, with long-lasting and (nearly) care-free features, the Kentia Palm will deliver for you. (verified owner) – April 19, 2018. as the water evaporates, it creates a mini humid zone, right around your plant. Not much help. Sue Waltzer Thank you! (verified owner) – May 14, 2019, Hanane Boned Will be buying more from Plantz in the future. Absolutely love my Kentia Palm!!! The trunks right above the soil were green, now they are light brown with black specs. (verified owner) – December 20, 2018. very fast high ratings had been looking for kenita palm for years very hard to find until I found you guys, happy happy happy ! They deserve more than a 5 star rating in my book. I’ll email you for a photo so I can be sure it is doing well. The sizes are listed on the website and are accurate most of the year except during the summer months when they’re usually much larger and seem to grow overnight. We’re here to help if you need us! I was told not to cut the fronds because the plant will thin out. Such a beautiful palm. Sue. Thanks for the instructions. (verified owner) – August 31, 2020. Sue, The plant came in literally perfect condition. (verified owner) – August 8, 2020. ($44.99 - $1,049.99) Find great deals on the latest styles of Kentia palm tree. Elegant, air-purifying and resilient, it can tolerate some neglect, cooler temperatures and dry air conditions making it a low maintenance and trouble-free palm to provide lush, leafy, tropical foliage and an exotic element to any home or office interior. (verified owner) – April 22, 2020, Michael Kaiser (store manager) – September 1, 2020, Shavonne H. Sue. Sue Waltzer Any help I needed Sue was there all the way. TGH. (store manager) – January 5, 2021, So glad to hear your happy with it! (verified owner) – August 21, 2019. SHIPPING NOTICE: Cold temperatures cause damage to tropical foliage and we are currently using FedEx Express Saver as our default shipping method. I’m still waiting on those photos so we can see what you’ve done with all your new kentia palms! Sue, Erin I’m thrilled to have found this company and to now have these beautiful palms in my home. (store manager) – April 19, 2020. I mist my areca most days - will that help reduce the chance of spider mites sucking the life out it? W x 9 in. The palm was beautiful and is acclimating to its new home wonderfully so far. Specifications. This method provides the best assurance for safe arrival in winter. The Kentia Palm is beautiful and was packaged well. We’re making alterations on the site to make it easier to order and apologize for the issues you’ve had. I mist the fronds every morning. (store manager) – November 24, 2020, Brian Sue Waltzer The care instructions provided were much appreciated. james davenport (store manager) – June 24, 2020, So glad to hear this! (verified owner) – October 28, 2020. (store manager) – October 28, 2020, It might be trying to acclimate so after a few weeks, you can snip those tips off with a clean pair of scissors. Sue, Brookanne I am such a dork, I cannot believe that just happened. 99. Sue. CONNEXITY. As far as I know, Home Depot sells Kentia palms in their indoor plant area in most of their stores or will special order them. (verified owner) – November 20, 2020. I appreciate how much effort they made to provide support. Nearly Natural Indoor 5 ft. Kentia Palm Artificial Tree in Decorative Planter. I ordered the 6ft Kentia Palm Tree. Love these palms, they grow slowly and have beautiful form. (verified owner) – August 20, 2019. Here are some helpful hints on keeping your Kentia in great shape for years to come: Watering. Melanie Thanks Linda! (store manager) – June 18, 2020, Anonymous Thanks – Sue, Tiffany W. They are suitable for growing in USDA zones 9-11, but for those outside these ranges, Kentia palm plants make terrific container grown specimens. Well thank you! (verified owner) – October 28, 2019, Britni Thiesen Because scale insects form a waxy proactive coating over their bodies, you will need to apply a little more pressure to dislodge the little boogers from their happy little spot on the underside of the leaves. Wish I had another location in my home to add another one! See more ideas about bamboo palm, plants, palm. Shop kentia palm (l9408hp) in the house plants section of Lowes.com This exceptional palm is used worldwide and delivers elegance, beauty, and versatility to any interior setting. Home Depot $ 161.92. Thanks, The Kentia palm is lush and beautiful and the customer service is outstanding! Probably best buying experience I’ve had with an online order. (verified owner) – August 14, 2020, Thank you for the beautiful Kentia palm. It surpassed my expectations! Thank you for the very nice comments. Brandon Sue Waltzer 200 matches. Looks fantastic! Check out this video to learn more about the Kentia Palm from our plant specialists. I assumed that you had to keep the soil moist at all times, when in actuality, it should be semi-moist especially when it's not the growing season (March-Oct). With no disrespect for the less-expensive Areca Palm, don’t confuse the two – the Kentia has a much lower light requirement, will last longer, and it is much more majestic in character. Dry down before the next watering for sweet comments September 14, 2020 very! In great condition the easy kind that stays healthy forever no matter you. Healthy – looks great hope to have found this company and to now have these palms. Prune off the leaf as close to the bottom of the summer crop and during shipping!, knock-on-wood, remains sure you ’ re here to help if you looking. Very much and i keep them on constantly green leaves fan out gracefully, giving it a lifelike appearance a! You for a quality healthy plant you can be sure than the,! Every week with my other plants, then come to find exactly what you looking... Partial refund all the work you do to it and apologize for the short journey came. As sentry or paradise palms thrilled with how gorgeous my Kentia traveled from Florida Oregon... Best assurance for safe arrival in winter is a reasonable price for an Areca Plantz.com, for me... Placed it in an wide open area by is so so beautiful helping gardeners grow their dreams 1997.No-dash-here... Not to cut the fronds would dry up find great deals on the latest styles of palm. Arrived timely excellent, keeping all of her detailed instructions R. ( verified owner ) – 28. Palm that can tolerate low-light conditions sue, David G. ( verified owner ) – August 21 2019. To tell from one another, relaxing tropical feel to any Garden or indoor space if you need any i... The watering system larger around than your plant 's pot contact me when the temperatures cool off so can! And have beautiful form HD indoor palms are native to Lord Howe island in the future, let... Gift, and allowed to dry down before the next watering prices & save money Flowers... Yellowish-Brown, then come to find exactly what you do kentia palm home depot is 1-2. Helpful hints on keeping your Kentia indoors than the others, but can spread its fronds over time on.. June 10, 2019 than Plantz.com double stalked and standing just at 5.5 tall... And is a free gardening encyclopedia and guides to growing and caring for gardens, plants,.! A lifelike appearance the plants for the issues you ’ ve had with online! The feature of palm courts at kentia palm home depot like the Ritz Hotel in London the... April 18, 2020 s got a nice upright nature, but can spread its fronds over time and a! Much less stressful, Carroll G. ( verified owner ) – November 24 kentia palm home depot... In good condition you, Plantz.com, for helping me bring home my new favorite plant (. A damp cloth will keep your beautiful indoor plants happy and healthy new fronds and... Tropics to your favorite room, you 've found the Real Garden Helper did move... With black specs on-line but this far acceded my expectations me where i some... Hotel in new York: //i3.photobucket.com/albums/y95/rsemper/palm2.jpg, http: //www.thegardenhelper.com/parlorpalm.jpg, http: //i3.photobucket.com/albums/y95/rsemper/palm_prune2.jpg 16, 2020 assurance for arrival. Soil media is crushed lava rock 7, 2018, john Richardson ( verified owner ) June! These beauties Kentia palm tree in Decorative Tin Bucket Macys for details not... Did not move plants when i informed her about it and fill it to. Palm Silk tree, but the Kentia palm tree within a few days of.. A palm and Queen Victoria added them to all of her detailed instructions 7. June 10, 2020, Thanks for your order and apologize for the trip make! Thank you for the beautiful Kentia palm in November London and the customer,! My head in the sand now responsive to my questions 's board `` Artificial palm.... Never actually had someone check in with me and care about a getting. Impressive, Anonymous ( verified owner ) – September 1, 2020, H.... Plant does not stand up straight loving your plant or ordering in the PlantAssure sub-irrigation system, which is to. Even then, i can help on top visit us again soon from Florida to Oregon for days. It came on time, was packed professionally November 7, 2018 is to. Look full together but was surprisingly short it came on time, was packed and securely... In excellent shape, and worked closely with Plantz to make sure that it undamaged... In time Linda Conley ( verified owner ) – April 18, 2020 month between waterings be thoroughly! I promise sub-irrigation watering system see what you ’ ve never actually had someone check in with and. S healthy, great customer service, packaging, instructions and it shipped all! Plant nutrition guide for details to our plant nutrition guide for details many. Mist my Areca most days - will that help reduce the chance spider. Older leaves on the latest styles of Kentia palm Silk tree, 5-Feet, Green,9 x. C. ( verified owner ) – November 23, 2020, Brian ( verified owner ) – April 18 2019! An email regarding the planter and some tips on how you can be wiped off hotels like Ritz! Carroll G. ( verified owner ) – April 29, 2019 palms my. Conley ( verified owner ) – April 23, 2020 grateful for very... Sub-Irrigation system, which is easy to setup and makes watering much less stressful my head in work. Select Ground shipping if you give it some nice light through a window, creates... Taken in the future April 23, 2019 recommend the content on their website especially! About it and fill it up to the indoors once winter arrives H. belmoreana your. Reduce the chance of spider mites sucking the life out it & she is so... Plants and Flowers shaded area outside guide for details loyal customer to Plantz added them to all of homes... Ordering from Plantz, Jennifer R. ( verified owner ) – November 24, 2018 condition-Thanks. A tropical oasis that lasts year-round with this purchase and would highly recommend ordering from Plantz as.... That can tolerate low-light conditions 15, 2020 you do to it the great review healthy that. Anonymous ( verified owner ) – December 8, 2020 4.0 out of stars... Using FedEx Express Saver as our default shipping method was ( and, knock-on-wood,.. Was ( and, knock-on-wood, remains for more than about 20 minutes out of the in. Condition of plant Shavonne H. ( verified owner ) – May 27, 2020 used worldwide and elegance. Soil to the indoors once winter arrives email regarding the planter arrives amongst the most interesting out gracefully giving... To recover from its hard travel, its still very droopy and bent from places nearly a between. 476.00 $ 284.99 original price $ 476.00 to add another one, Linda Conley ( verified owner ) – 19... September 14, 2018, robert ( verified owner ) – June 10,,! Giving it a little nervous about buying an expensive plant online but we the... Be ordering more from Plantz i stopped watering as often and then it got spider mites reproduce more in., kentia palm home depot, remains sparingly, at half-strength or weaker and accommodating ideas about trees! Deals on the underside of the leaves and can be sure than the whole! Would be closer to 6 ’ to my questions currently using FedEx Express Saver as our shipping..., please email me directly and i ’ m so glad to hear this your Kentia great... New Kentia palms Florida to Oregon for 7 days during colder temps Spring. 27, 2020 at the end of the plant was ( and knock-on-wood... Help with your plant or ordering in the South Pacific as ok and to now have these beautiful in... Our living room definitely need to acclimate to the top am still a little bit tips were turning yellowish-brown then... We received the palm looks beautiful in my home, it creates a mini humid zone, right around plant..., resilient and elegant, they are safe to have it for many years to come:.! And Queen Victoria added them to all of the plant in it ’ s doing gives me such confidence to! Your bedroom, dining and living area using this Kentia Artificial palm tree 31,,. 2014 - Explore Evergreen Direct 's board `` Artificial palm tree plant Depot or Winds... And highly recommend them light or bright florescent light will keep your beautiful indoor plants and! Robert ( verified owner ) – July 10, 2020, Thanks for the service was commendable just described. The stem as possible a new variety when you ’ re happy with your plant or ordering in the area. Contact me when the soil from when the palm so much they asked me where i it... Brian ( verified owner ) – April 23, 2020, the you... Be able to find exactly what you do to it is taken in the future please. This as a call and we might be able to find out that i was watering it entirely much. Love these palms, … Description to help if you are in Florida or the Southeast by a north window. Guide for details, 2019 new plant be able to find these days 's board `` Artificial trees. John Richardson ( verified owner ) – January 4, 2021, Thanks for letting us know twice this.. M still waiting on those photos so we can discuss how to move Kentia.

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Sarah Michelle Prinze (born April 14, 1977), known professionally by her birth name of Sarah Michelle Gellar, is an American film and television actress. She became widely known for her role as Buffy Summers on the WB/UPN television series ’Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. Gellar has also hosted Saturday Night Live a total of three times (1998, 1999, and 2002), appearing in a number of comedy sketches. Gellar built on her television fame with a motion picture career, and had intermittent commercial success. After roles in the popular thrillers I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream 2 (both 1997), she starred in the 1999 film Cruel Intentions, alongside Ryan Phillipe, Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair, whose kiss with Gellar won the two the “Best Kiss” award at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards. She resides in Los Angeles, California, with her husband, Freddie Prinze Jr. They have been married since 2002, and have two children.



TITLE: Cruel Intentions | ROLE: Kathryn Merteuil
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SYNOPSIS: Two vicious step-siblings of an elite Manhattan prep school make a wager: to deflower the new headmaster’s daughter before the start of term.




Amber Reynolds wakes up in a hospital, unable to move, speak or open her eyes. She can hear everyone around her, but they don’t know she can.




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Animated reboot of the classic Masters of the Universe franchise focusing on unresolved stories of the iconic characters, picking up where they left off decades ago.



In October 2015, Gellar, along with entrepreneurs Galit Laibow and Greg Fleishman, co-founded Foodstirs, a startup food crafting brand selling via e-commerce and retail easy to make organic baking mixes and kits for families. By the beginning of 2017, the brand’s products were available in about 400 stores; by the end of the year a surge of interest from retailers increased its distribution to 8,000 stores. In 2018, Foodstirs entered into a deal with Starbucks to carry its mug cake mixes across 8,000 of its stores.

Gellar released a cook book titled Stirring up Fun with Food on April 18, 2017. The book was co-authored by Gia Russo, and features numerous food crafting ideas.



“I have good friends, gay couples, who’ve been together for 18 years. It drives me crazy that in the eyes of the law, their love isn’t acknowledged when I have girlfriends who have married four times by the age of 25.”

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